After care

Make sure you use shampoo and condiitoners appropriate for your hair and scalp. “L’Anza creates professional only hair care products. The most healing formulas of Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in on the market today”. Order yours at your next visit with Hair by Mali I always suggest to wash twice and condition. First shampoo will put all the nutrients back into hair and scalp, second wash will cleanse, leaving hair feeling squeaky clean. Then condition. This will coat the top layer of the hair and help to close or smooth down the cuticle, it will; add shine, detangle and make the hair more manageable.


It is important to me, you are happy & love your hair when you come to the end of your appointment. Every four to six weeks is a rough guide to maintaining your style. Everyone’s hair grows at different speeds. Shorter styles; gents or ladies, might need more frequent appointments, so if you decide to go for a sharp Vidal bob or a short back and sides you might be seeing more often. New styles are always difficult to get used to at first. Don’t let this scare you I will give you some good advice to go along with it. How to maintain, style and upkeep the new doo. I always … Continued

Style to suit you

There are so many hair styles to chose from. With fashion change and new trends, visiting the salon could become a decision nightmare. I would always suggest chose a “style to suit you” Always take into account basic factors; face shape, personal & hair characteristics. If you have an oval shaped face, a full or deep side fringe with feathers framing your face is a great style whether you go for a long or shot style sleek or choppy. Square faces look great with long layers but stay away from a tempting cute full fringe if you have a cows lick. Whether oval, square or love heart there is a … Continued